The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was originated by the US government to limit tax avoidance by US nationals by requiring Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to report on US income paid to US nationals. Its implementation is controversial because 
  • Much of the cost is born by institutions outside of the US; 
  • It runs into conflict with the laws of other nations; and 
  • In some circumstance impacts financial transactions carried out by non-US nationals operating outside of the US. 
FATCA will affect most financial institutions (FFIs) in most countries. FATCA will start to be implemented in 2013 and will develop in scope over five or so years.

This site provides access to key FATCA websites; they are grouped under core headings shown in the menu tabs above.  The content will change in response to feedback and to links submitted to the site. Currently it is advisable to link only to the Updates page as the layout is expected to be quite dynamic in early 2013.

The site's authors regularly trawl the internet for new insights about FATCA however we find a considerable amount of repetition in the absence of detailed practical guidance of the application of future withholding rules. There also remains a lot of work to be done in defining practicable rules for complex financial instruments. A search of many government websites around the world find they show no results when searching FATCA. This is worrying when their financial institutions may be greatly affected by FATCA.

Whilst we take care to list links that have a useful FATCA content we cannot be responsible for the content of external websites; read more….

Page last updated 07/02/2013